“I believe in giving people flowers when they can smell them”, my godmother used to always say.

At the time, I was pretty young in The Lord so I didn’t quite understand what she meant. Not until I turned 50. I’ve had my share of close loved ones pass on and I realize how precious life is and appreciating the people that really love me.

Say “I Love you” Often.

I lost my step-grandfather in my early 20s from a massive heart attack. By the time I got there, he was gone. It was sudden. It shook me hard. All the years I was growing up, my biological father wanted nothing to do with me. My step-grandfather took a shine to me and tried to love on me and take care of me. I loved him so much. We both loved sports and would talk on the phone often about it.

When I would come to visit, we’d laugh and watch TV together. I even lived with him and my grandmother for about a year. In all the memories we shared, never one did I say, “I love you”. I guess I was scared cause showing emotions was not something I grew up with. Then one day he was gone and with him the chance to ever say how much he meant to me. I wasn’t saved at the time and so I have no idea if he knew The Lord. Very sad. 

I would come to Jesus years later and also lose more family members before that time. But once I really learned how fragile life is, I knew I needed to overcome my apprehension to say how I feel to people, especially the ones I was closest to.

Love hard, Appreciate more.

It was hard and awkward at first, but with anything you do a lot, it gets easier with time. My godmother’s words rang so true when I lost my first husband, my grandmother, and my mother all within just a few short years of each other. My world was devastated, but at least I didn’t feel guilt like I had before. My mom, grandma, and husband all knew how I felt. I made it a priority. 

Life changes every moment. Who knows what will happen when we wake up in the morning. It might be the last for us or for someone we love. We’re not promised tomorrow.

The time we have is right now, it’s time to hold onto what’s really important. I’m re-married now and I tell myself everyday never to take for granted how loving and accepting my hubby is. I tell my friends that I love them every chance I get.

I, too, believe in giving people flowers WHEN they can smell them.

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