Waiting on You Lord Ain’t Easy…

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Waiting is hard as we want everything now, sooner, faster and living in the information age doesn’t help. It’s all about fast loading websites, instant answers to equations and even cooking whole dinners in the microwave in minutes. When we have to wait in lines or at a traffic stop or on the phone, we get impatient. I’m right there. I feel it too. I’ve grown accustomed to download speeds at the drop of a hat and heating up leftovers in a minute or two. So, when the Bible says we must wait on The Lord, I honestly want to cringe!

Today, I’m venting a bit. There’s so much I want to do or to have happen in my life that I’ve been praying about for many years. But, there’s been no answer so far. I try to trust God cause in the back of my mind I know He’s working, but my heart wants to break that I’m still waiting on His timing.

Then, when I read the stories in the Bible, just about everyone had to wait on God for years before they accomplished their callings. Moses had to wait 40 years, Abraham and Sarah, 25 years, Noah 120 years as he had to build the ark and we don’t know how long Hannah and Rachel had to wait to bear a son. We all must learn to wait because God is rarely fast to answer but when He’s ready to answer He is fast.

Can I be hindering God from answering my prayer?

It’s possible. If the thing I want begins to occupy my thoughts way too much to the point that it competes with God or that I’m trying to bring about my own answer than yes. The bottom line is God doesn’t need our help. He already knows how to handle any and every problem or prayer request we bring to Him. I think that sometimes we’re afraid He’ll say no to our desire. But think of this…how many times in the Bible did people get into trouble trying to bring about their own calling ahead of God? Moses and Abraham/Sarah come to mind.

Nevertheless, God didn’t give up on them. He kept His promises to them and He will keep His promises to us too. And, no matter how long we wait, His timing is ALWAYS perfect.

“Help me Lord today to be still while I’m waiting on you to answer my prayer. And, I ask to help all our children who have and are coming to you years waiting for deliverance, salvation, healing, whatever it may be. We know you know what you’re doing, but honestly life gets hard Lord. The enemy never stops working and our hearts faint sometimes. In fact, many of us are just merely existing. We’re doing all we can to just get up in the mornings. Our hearts are broken, we’re carrying hurts and pains, disappointments and even bad decisions. Please extend to us your incredible mercy Lord because only through your grace can we make it through. Lord, we’re sorry for grieving you when we try to fix things ourselves so help us to stay out of your way. Help us to put 100% trust in you because you are a good God all the time even when we don’t understand. You don’t owe us anything Lord, we owe you everything. You are the potter and we’re the clay so as you are working in the background please help us to remember all the good things you have done for us and to always be thankful. You never fail and you always have our best interests at heart. We love you Lord, in Jesus name, AMEN.”

When we get tired of waiting and feel impatient, uneasy or even fearful…pray. There’s a couple of things I like to do to take my mind off any concerns and one of them is to write and the other is to craft. To create allows me to tap into a world of happiness and bliss and it encourages and lifts my soul. We all have different things we do to calm down.

The Lord knows how to fill our time if, and only if, we let Him in and let Him lead. If we’re busy doing the things we do and not so much on how long it’s taking God to come through, His answer will come and it’ll seem sooner than it actually is.

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Kim McDougal

Kim is the founder and creator of Growing Up in Grace. By day, she's the Director of Interactive Communications for the Hispanic chamber located in Jax, FL. Kim also owns "Kim's Studio Art" where she creates and sells Wall Art Printables and "Kim's Handcrafted Cards" on eBay where she creates and sells handmade greeting cards.