Silence is Golden, or is it?

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Ever get around a group of people you don’t really know well and the nerves set in that you start blabbering away? “Blabber, blabber, blubber!” You feel so stupid especially when the group stares at you like you’ve got three heads! I’ve been there many times and I always go away thinking, “why couldn’t I just keep my mouth shut, especially when I don’t even know what I was talking about?

I think it’s those awkward moments where you want to feel intelligent and you want others to know that you can add something valuable to the conversation. Truly, in retrospect, I really did more harm talking about nothing than if I would have just listened and interjected only if I had something relevant to add.  

But, not to jump all over myself, no one can expect you to know everything about everything anyway, right? The Bible says in James 1:19 to be slow to speak… there’s a good reason for that. Our mouths can really get us into trouble if we’re not careful. A lot of times, it’s just a unfortunate circumstance where you don’t mean the way something you say comes out and it gets misinterpreted.

All you can do is apologize and try to make the person understand that what you said wasn’t meant to hurt or offend them. But are there times when silence is golden? I think so.

Some battles can never be won and you and I must know when those times happen and just pray about them.  

I’m amazed how God was silent for 400 years between Malachi and Matthew. The Israelites had once again turned away from God’s laws for them and He was grieved yet AGAIN.

I’ve often wondered how they could live all those years they did without hearing from The Lord. I can’t stand one minute without hearing and sensing God, let alone years of silence. What was God doing during those 400 years? Have you ever wondered? Maybe He was grieving part of that time and other part preparing to come to earth as the Messiah. Jesus would suffer greatly and maybe He had to have mental preparation to take our place on the cross.

I know we don’t what was happening during that time, but it’s not unheard of for something traumatic to happen to a person that leads them to not speak for a certain period of time.

Perhaps, God was really hurting that His own people just kept ignoring Him, turning back to false gods even after seeing so many miracles. He must have thought, “what more do I need to do to get these people to acknowledge me?”

But, He knew the only answer would be that He would have to come to earth Himself, live in a flawed body to understand the struggles we go through, die a horrifying death because of sin and raise again so that we could have His Holy Spirit to help us choose good over evil and life over death.

If that 400 years of silence was what saved me, then silence is golden and thank you Jesus!

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Kim McDougal

Kim is the founder and creator of Growing Up in Grace. By day, she's the Director of Interactive Communications for the Hispanic chamber located in Jax, FL. Kim also owns "Kim's Studio Art" where she creates and sells Wall Art Printables and "Kim's Handcrafted Cards" on eBay where she creates and sells handmade greeting cards.