Quick 3-Layer Angel Food Cake

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photo by Jennifer
I just love making a quick dessert, mainly because I think I’m living my life in 10x. I know I need to slow down, but I find it hard to do. My days are so full and I think I’m torturing myself by adding more and more to my plate. Hubby tells me all the time to slow down but I just won’t listen, but he supports all my projects! I love him for that! So when I get a sweet tooth craving in the summer time and I don’t have time nor feel like standing over a hot oven for hours, I go for a recipe like this. I start out with a store bought angel food cake but then I dress it up so that I can serve it up with some of my own special touches. I borrowed this post from ORMG, a great way sometimes to put up something quick is the sharing between two blogs! 
I like making this too also because angel food cake is so light and so I don’t feel bloated or guilty after eating a slice. 

1 store bought angel food cake
1 tub of Whipped Cream

1 tub of Vanilla Icing or Cream Cheese
Fresh Raspberries (optional)

Divide the angel food cake into 3 equal parts with a serrated knife so you can make it into a 3 layer cake. Use some of the whipped cream to ice the bottom layer, then place the 2nd layer of cake on top, then top the 2nd layer with more whipped cream and then place the last layer on top. With the rest of the whipped cream, mix it with the icing.

If you refrigerate your icing, you can put it in the microwave oven to melt for just 15 seconds or less.
Then I spread the icing mixture right over the top of the entire cake and let it run down the sides and the middle. When done, top with raspberries if you want and place some on the cake plate. Place cake in the refrigerator to set for about an hour before you serve it.
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Kim McDougal