Prayers for when you can't or don't know how to pray

Sometimes it's hard to pray when we're struggling through circumstances.

Prayers when you can't or don't how to pray
Prayers when you can't or don't how to pray

Sometimes we don’t know what or even how to pray about something. If you ever feel so overwhelmed that you’re having trouble putting your words together to talk to God, you’re not alone. We all go through that when emotions are high and maybe the situations we’re in seem hopeless.

You may even not feel like praying at all, but please take my advice and turn away from God at this moment. It’s those times when we need Him the most that should pray.

I developed this page with short, sweet prayers written for different occasions that you can pray over for yourself or for a friend, relative or anyone that you feel a burden for. Feel free to use these as a guide to get your conversation with God started. Click on any of the category below.


Prayer for Physical or Mental Healing
Lord Jesus, I know the person who needs this prayer is asking for your healing. It may be for a physical illness or even a mental or emotional problem. You are the Great Physician and I know nothing is beyond your control to handle. Please touch this person today in their body and/or in their mind today and heal them completely. I pray for no side effects from medications and that they will recover swiftly. Please let them know you were with them right now and they are not alone and they don’t have to be afraid. I pray this in Jesus’ name, AMEN.

Prayer for Healing 
Lord Jesus, please heal [name of family member or friend] of this illness that’s plaguing them right now. I know you have healed many others and nothing is too hard for you to do. It saddens me to see them hurting like this and I know you care about them. Please cure them and help them to recover fully. Lord, I pray the medicines the doctors prescribed will help and not harm. And, please be with them through this process. In Jesus’ name I pray, AMEN.


Prayer for Joy and Hope
Lord Jesus, sometimes it’s so hard to keep our joy and hope that things will improve in our lives. Yet, I know that having you in our lives gives us exactly what we need to make it through each day. Please encourage [name] with your presence and so that he/she will fill you lifting him/her up. Carry him/her on your shoulders right now and help them to see that you’re working on their behalf. Give him/her strength to not give up but to see your joy and your hope for them. I pray your verse Jeremiah 29:13 over them right now in Jesus name, AMEN.


Prayer for Financial Issues
Lord Jesus, I’m praying for [name]‘s finances right now that you will provide all they need to pay their bills and take care of their family. You know how to ensure they have enough monies to cover all their expenses. You are Jehovah Jireh so please help increase their finances with either a better job, a new job or some other way so they don’t lose the essentials they need to live. Please be sure they enough food and if there’s anything I can do to help, show that to me and make it possible for me to do what I can. In Jesus’ name I pray, AMEN.


Prayer for Married Couples (Wife or Husband)
Lord Jesus, thank you for bringing my [wife/husband] into my life. [He/she] is such a great support to me and I’m so blessed to be with [him/her] everyday. I want to be the best [husband/wife] I can for [him/her] so I ask you to help me to [lead/submit] so that our family runs the way You intended. Help me to love [him/her], to listen, to support or be a support and to give to [him/her] as You want. Please let our intimacy grow and that we grow closer each day, week and years to come. Help us to make time for each other and not be so busy with work, parenting or other things that we neglect each other’s needs. I pray that my words are always gentle and loving when I talk to [him/her], that I don’t take out my frustrations on [him/her] and that we never go to bed angry. I pray God that You will help us discuss any issues we’re having and always be open and honest with each other. Please watch over my [husband/wife], keep them safe, keep them healthy, help us to fall in love over and over again with each other forever Lord. In Jesus name I pray, AMEN.

Prayer for Singles
Lord Jesus, today I thank you for the life you have given me. Thank you that I can come before Your presence and declare Your Holy Name. I so appreciate that You care about my every need and my desires. Thank You that You hear me when I pray. Father, I am coming to You with my desire to marry. I don’t want just anyone in my life and I know that’s how You feel too. Please bring Your Best in a Spouse for me and help me to know when that happens so that I don’t make a mistake and get involved with the wrong person. And in the meantime as I wait, please help me to not waiver or get weak when I’m around other married people or singles. Help me to keep You on my mind first and foremost and not my desire for a spouse. Fill my days with whatever work You want me to do so that my mind stays content. Lord, there are times I feel lonely and I ask you especially when that happens to help me stay strong and true to You. Please help me keep my body pure and without blemish so that when the right person comes along, I can give myself to them without guilt. I also pray that You will prepare me to be the kind of spouse that You want me to be. If there are areas in my character that need work, please improve those things so that whenever the day comes that I marry, we will have a happy and stress-free home. Until that day comes, please help me to be thankful, grateful and happy that You are with me and that You’ll always be with me. In Jesus name, AMEN.

Prayer for Relatives
Lord Jesus, I’m so thankful for the family you had me to be born in. I know no family is perfect and mine has their specific issues too. My prayer is for peace among my relatives, that we will truly love each other. Sometimes, things get tense and I so need You to help me to know if or when to speak. And, maybe you don’t want me to say anything at all. I want to do Your will Father and I need you to be in the hearts of all of us in my family. Please work out all the problems that exists so that we can not get along but have healthy conversations and relationships with each other. If there are emotions like jealousy, bitterness, pride, misunderstandings, please iron all that out. Help us forgive each other or even to ask for forgiveness if we’ve done the wrong so that our relationships will be healed. I thank you for hearing my heartfelt prayer and I praise You for how You’re going to work all these concerns I have out. I look forward how You’re going to move, in Jesus name, AMEN.

Prayer for Friendships
Lord Jesus, I’m praying for my friend [name of friend], [he/she] is going through a really rough time right now and I want to be there for them. So, first thank you that you brought them to me as a friend and secondly please help me to know what to say to encourage them. Or if You just want me to listen and let them vent, help me to do that too. I pray that our friendship will be strong even when we’re going through trials. I may not be able to empathize with everything [he/she] is feeling but please help me to show mercy and understanding. Help me to be kind and gentle if they ask my advice. Help me to keep them in my daily prayers for strength and for Your continued presence to be with them. I love my friend Lord, please help me best support them, in Jesus name, AMEN.

Prayer for Acquaintances/Co-workers/Employers
Lord Jesus, Thank you so much for my job. It is a miracle and blessing, especially during these times, to have employment and so I pray your continued blessings on [name of company] that they will continue to be prosperous so that no one loses their job. I also pray that my department and team will work well together, that we get along so that we can do the tasks we’ve been hired for. I pray that they will see You genuinely in my work habits and not just through my words. Help me to remember my co-workers, supervisor in my prayers for whatever they’re going through. I also pray that if there is any tension among us, that we can talk about it safely and work together for a solution. I also ask You to help me not overreact or get the wrong idea if someone reacts to me in a certain way. I realize that we all have problems so help me to just say a silent prayer for them and not take things personally. My desire is for peace and camaraderie with everyone I work with and I pray for that in Jesus name, AMEN.


Prayer for Salvation
Lord Jesus, I know how much you loved mankind because John 3:16 says you so loved the world that You gave Your only begotten son, that whosever believes would be saved and right now I’m praying for [name/s]. Please come into their heart and make Your presence known, be real to them so that they surrender, repent of their sins and ask You to come into their heart. Your Word also says You don’t take any delight in seeing people lost. You want everyone to be saved and escape the judgment that the enemy wants. You don’t want to see anyone’s life destroyed and neither do I. I love [name], please save [him/her] and help me to witness to them through my life or anything You would have me say. If there’s an opportunity to help lead them to You, don’t let me miss it. I pray this in Your name, In Jesus name, AMEN.


Prayer for Local Church/Ministries
Lord Jesus, I’m praying for my [church name] today. First of all, thank you for sending me to my church. I love all the people who go there and I appreciate our pastor so much. I’m bringing the needs that we have right now to you Lord, you know exactly what we need to continue the work you want us to do. Please provide the monies, the support, the people — whatever is needed to answer our pastor’s concerns. Help our assembly to grow, to reach more people in our area that they will be curious about our church and want to visit. I pray for more people to be saved in our community and that you’ll help us to work to fulfill the needs in our neighborhoods. There are many hurting people and we want to be your eyes, your ears, your hands and speak your words of hope to them. Please equip us with energy, motivation, love, courage and strength to reach them for you. In Jesus name I pray, AMEN.

Prayer for Ministry (can apply for missionary work too)
Lord Jesus, thank you for the ministry that you have laid on my heart. I’m so excited to serve in this area but I know I can’t do anything without You. So, I ask you to help me show the love You have to the people I will serve. Help them to see You in me. Please don’t let me take any of the credit away from You. I just want to be a vessel that You can use to bring more people to You. I want to see people’s lives change for the better through this ministry and I only want to use the gifts You’ve given me. Let me forever be careful to give You all the praise and glory. I also pray that You will provide for this ministry has: the monies we need, the building or place to minister, the supplies and tools and please make a way for this ministry to flourish and to grow. Help us to have enough so we can do the work that’s needed. Your mission has always been to give and to serve, please help us to do with an open heart and giving spirit. In Jesus name, AMEN.


Prayer for Fear, Anxiety Issues, Panic attacks
Lord Jesus, fear is such a weapon that the enemy loves to use against us but as you told Joshua to be of great courage for you were with Him, you are also with us too. We have nothing to fear because you’ve told us in the Word many times do not be anxious for anything, do not fear, do not be afraid. So I ask you to cover [name] with your courageous spirit and help [him/her] to be calm, stable and confident that you will not leave them. Please give them a peace that surpasses all understanding, keep their mind on you, keep them worshipping you and calling on your name and I know the fear will go away from them. In Jesus name’, AMEN.


Prayer for Small Children 
Lord Jesus, you are our Father and you have blessed me to be a parent and I so want to do a good job. Please help me to better relate to my child/children, to understand their needs and to love them unconditionally as you love us. Please equip me to listen to them, to allow them to be kids and also how to discipline them so that they know I do it because I love them. I never want them to think that I don’t want them to have fun, but help to understand the lessons I’m trying to teach them is so that they’ll grow up healthy and whole inside and out. And I thank you Father for being such a great parent to me, let me follow your examples for how to raise my children, in Jesus’ name, AMEN.

Prayer for Adult Sons/Daughters (this prayer can also be applied for grandchildren)
Lord Jesus, I’m praying for my [son/daughter] today that you will help them seek you Father. I want so much for them to be happy and I know the only way they’ll ever be happy is if you’re first in their life. Please help them turn to you everyday, obey your words and love you as you love them. I pray that my relationship with them will not falter or that we become estranged. Help me to love them the best I can and I pray that the communication lines never fail between us. If there are things they feel they can talk to me about, please be there in a way that they will talk to you. And, I pray for their protection, I pray for them to have their needs met, keep them healthy and that you’ll help them to raise their children in you Lord. In Jesus name, AMEN.

Other or Specific Needs

Prayer for a Specific Need
Lord Jesus, [name] has a specific need right now and she/he really needs a miracle from you Lord. I know you know how to answer and in a way that’s exactly what [she/he] needs. You are so capable of solving every problem and bringing about the best solution for us. Please help [him/her] to be content until the answer comes. In Jesus name, AMEN.

Prayer for Overall Well-being
Lord Jesus, I pray for the family of [family name] today that you will encompass around them, protect them and keep them in loving arms safe and sound. Whatever problems they may be going through, please be there in a real way that they see You moving in their lives. I pray that you will answer every need they have and that they will fill you beside them as they go about their days. Help them to hold you first always in their lives and help them to call upon you for their every need and desire. Lastly, I pray you will keep harmony in their family home and remove all worries and concerns so that they can live giving you all the praise. In Jesus name, AMEN.