When we were making the trip to Oregon from Florida, hubby kept saying how much he wanted to see the Heceta Head Lighthouse. He was so looking forward to it.

It was the most photographed lighthouse and we would be living only 15 minutes from it. Little did we know the lighthouse was being renovated and so the first year we were here, it was covered up. Boy was hubby disappointed, but he still took pics of it as well as the beach, there’s something magical and spiritual being there.

I always felt like I could talk to The Lord at Heceta Head.

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And anyone who knows me, knows how much I just LOVE flowers. I had never heard of Rhododendrons until moving here but apparently this is a flower indigenous to this area and it’s only around for 1 month, typically in April or May each year.

They are the most beautiful flower coming in several colors: white, pink, fushia, red and even purple!

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