My love for flowers is certainly not wasted living on the Oregon coast.

The Rhododendron flower is definitely the most popular which blooms annually around April and is only around till Mid May. I fell in love with this lil gem that comes in many colors, my favorite being the light pink.

The annual Rhododendron festival that usually is held in May was a big part of our town. We had a parade down Highway 101, vintage car shows, BBQs, shopping sprees and the church I went to at the time would hand out free hot dogs and water to passerbys.

There was also a Rhododendron flower festival as many people plant and grow them and bring them to the event to be judged and awards were given. You’d even see hybrid Rhododendron in odd colors like orange and purple.

Typically the kind I have seen growing in the wild are light pink, hot pink and red.

However, there’s other flowers that grow on the coast too and hubby and I went to one of the hotels in Old Town to capture a few of them.

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