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Shopping Tips

We cooks love to go shopping and sometimes it can be a hectic journey depending on what you’re cooking. You may be preparing for a party or just having friends over. We can all use some shopping tips to help us get what’s on our list, save time and money and make the grocery shopping experience a lot more enjoyable!

Shopping Tip: Save $ on Water
Save $ On Water
Fill up those empty water jugs!

If you live near any grocery store that has a Primo self-service, you can bring empty gallons like what you buy water or juice, you can fill them up with water for about $.35! This is a HUGE savings seeing that buying a gallon of water is typically $1 or a little more, so you’re saving money while buying good clean fresh water! Learn more about Primo here.

Shopping Tip: Make your Meats Last
Make Your Meats Last
Buy in bulk on sale to make your meats last longer!

This tip from an old foodie friend is really cool! She buys an entire pork loin strip when it goes on sale and cuts it into pork loin chops, little mini pork roasts and larger chops to stuff. Ends up being SOOO much cheaper and now she has plenty more meat to make several meals from. Don't eat pork?, no worries! This trick can be applied to chicken, fish or beef!

Shopping Tip: Use your Chicken in Several Ways
Use your Chicken in Several Ways
How To Get More Out Of Your Chicken

When chicken goes on sale, purchase as much as possible, then remove the meat from the bone so that you’ll have boneless, skinless breasts for the freezer. You can even make chicken stock out of the bones with some herbs. It’s like getting the stock for free + it's homemade!🙂 Isn’t that cool?

Shopping Tip: Stick with your List
Stick with your List
And stay organized as you shop!

If possible, shop in a familiar store and visualize the store’s layout when preparing your grocery list. List items in order beginning where you will begin your shopping. Then when you go to use your list, start from the beginning of the where the items are on your list and work to the end of the store. This way you don’t forget something and have to walk many aisles backwards.

Shopping List
Shopping Tip: Save $ at Farm Stands
Save $ at Farm Stands
You'll also get fresher produce!

If you are around them, shopping at local farm stands and local produce markets allows you to save a ton of money on seasonal fruits and vegetables. Plus, you’ll get much more variety of fresh herbs at markets than at the local grocery stores! I definitely recommend shopping for your veggies and herbs at these markets more than at the grocer.

Shopping List
Shopping Tip: Shop in the Early Mornings
Shop in the Early Mornings
Much easier to stock up when the store is not crowded!

This is totally my way to shop! I love to go to the grocery store at a more convenient time when it’s not so crowded. I know this is not always possible, but if you have to shop on Saturdays, try to get there when the store first opens. Then, you can roam through the aisles practically undisturbed and if you’re doing a big shopping, you won’t have to worry about holding lines. I’m much more calmer when I can stroll through the store taking my time and I don’t feel stressed when I’m done! Try this tip!

Shop Early in the Morning
Shopping Tip: Buy Generic
Buy Generic
And save more $$!

I don’t always shop brand name items. For example, I like buy all my dry herbs at my local Dollar Tree. Also, I don't always buy Skippy Peanut Butter. The generic brands taste just as good and saves me paying $2 - $3 for the name brands.

Shopping Tip: Don't Spoil the Ice Cream
Don't Spoil the Ice Cream
Gotta keep that ice cream fresh!

During the Summer months when you go grocery shopping and you’re tempted to go by the ice cream aisle or dairy aisle, be sure to carry an insulated cooler in your car. This way the ice cream won't melt and the dairy products don’t spoil either.

Ice Cream
Shopping Tip: Expiration Dates Matter
Expiration Dates Matter
Don't forget to look for the expiry date labels!

This is more of a common-sense tip, but can never be stressed enough when grocery shopping. Pay attention to the dates on your items such as meats, fruit, milk and juice. Oftentimes, the grocery stores put the most recent dates in front to move them off the shelves, but there’s a difference in the taste and healthiness based on the sell by or use by date. I always try to find the latest dates even if it takes more time shopping because I have to ask an employee to help me. It’s worth it! Staying healthy is too important to overlook.

Shopping Tip: Go Green with your Shopping Bags
Go Green with your Shopping Bags
It's economical and safe for the environment!

I my state of Oregon, plastic bags are banned but not every U.S. state has this in place. Even so, you can invest in some eco-friendly shopping bags or use paper bags for when you go grocery shopping. They're not expensive and they definitely pay for themselves after a couple of trips to the grocery store + you’re helping the environment.

Shopping Bag
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