My Quick Tips for Living through a Pandemic

My Quick Tips for Living through a Pandemic

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There’s no doubt that this global pandemic has taken its toll on the whole world. It’s affecting us all in many ways. I have friends who have lost loved ones to this disease and others battling it.

It’s just not fun to go out shopping, at least for me. However, we must somehow live on. What use are we if we shut down, right?

my tips for Navigating Everyday through a Pandemic:

  1. Continual prayer. No matter what’s happening around us, God is still on the throne and none of this has taken Him by surprise. In fact, this occurrences were foretold in the Bible. Read 2 Timothy 3:1. Also read 1 Peter 4:12. God’s Word is true. So though we have to face trials, God also has made many promises to His people. He will not forsake us. He’s preparing to come back soon. We can take hope and joy in that.
  2. Careful what I look at. There is so much information and news out there on the internet, TV, magazines and unfortunately not of all it is positive and oftentimes not even real. I severely limit watching or listening to a bunch of news and only keep up with what is important that I need to know about. The less I watch, the less stress I feel.
  3. Don’t skip meals. When I’m stressed out, I have a tendency to stop eating. However, this is not good for my body nor my mind. Regardless of the outside chaos, my body still needs its nourishment and ignoring or disregarding this will only make me feel worse.
My Quick Tips for Living through a Pandemic
  1. Do something I like each day. My days are busy with work, however I still like to do something everyday that makes me happy like watch a good old movie, cross stitch or play a mobile game.
  2. Get a pretty mask to wear. I can’t take credit for this tip, I saw it on a YT video and I think it’s great. Buying a mask with your favorite color or pattern will make you look and feel cute when you go out. If we have to wear a mask, might as well be a cute girly one!
  3. Buy fresh flowers. Bringing nature inside is always a great idea. I love having a pretty bouquet of flowers on my table. Or, if you’d rather buy silk ones, that’s fine too. You can even visit a local Dollar Tree and buy a bunch of silk stems and vase to create your own bouquet.
My Quick Tips for Living through a Pandemic
  1. Take photos. You don’t have to be a professional photographer nor buy expensive camera gear. Use the camera on your phone and take pictures of nature (flowers), a river/beach or even birds! I’ve always loved watching them. Even taking sunrise or sunset photos are fun. If you like to scrapbook, you can purchase one of those tiny photo printers that hooks up to your phone and print your pictures to put into a photo album.
  2. Keep a daily journal. It’s fair to say that each day is challenging and I think it’s important to face those fearful, frustrating emotions. I like to write in my journal to just get the words down and by journaling, it helps me stay calm.
  3. Care for plants. My mom loved to grow plants in our apartment when I was growing up and she was really good at keeping them alive! If you have a green thumb, there’s so much pleasure in caring for plants as it brings in a freshness into the air. I don’t know about you, but when I’m caring for the a little plant I have, I always smile every time I see it and water it!
My Quick Tips for Living through a Pandemic
  1. Stay in touch with friends. No one should ever be all alone. Talking to friends and/or family is so important for staying encouraged and strong through these times. Even without a pandemic, God never created man to go solo. Technology has definitely paved the way for all of us to stay connected with each other.
  2. Stick to your normal routine as much as possible. Change is tough, but if you can keep to certain tasks you regularly like doing everyday always helps. For example, if you enjoy taking a morning walk for 15 minutes before your start your day, continue to do that. Obviously, a lot has had to change but the more normalcy you can bring into your day, it’ll certainly help.
My Quick Tips for Living through a Pandemic
  1. Do a little decorating. I enjoy decorating and you don’t have to do an entire makeover. There’s little things you can do to make your surroundings beautiful. I love neutrals, shabby chic and farmhouse styles. Adding your favorites even colors on a dining room table or your bedroom will make you feel happy when you’re in that room. Using some pretty books with a plant for your coffee table adds such a pretty ambience to a room. If you like candles, keep those throughout your home or use essential oils in a candle warmer. I love burning scented wax. Not only is it pretty to look at but the aroma throughout our apartment is lovely.
  2. Eat healthier meals. It’s a sure thing that eating more healthy foods makes you feel good inside and out.
  3. Declutter. We probably all have stuff in our closets that we’re not using or wearing. Why not put those items in bags to donate? Plus, getting rid of extra clothes or supplies makes me feel less overwhelmed.

There’s no telling how long we’ll all have to deal with this pandemic, however it doesn’t have to get us and keep us down.

Just a few things we can do everyday to keep our minds steady and calm is key, I believe will help us not only to survive the pandemic but beat it too.

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Kim McDougal

Kim is the founder and creator of Growing Up in Grace. By day, she's the Director of Interactive Communications for the Hispanic chamber located in Jax, FL. Kim also owns "Kim's Studio Art" where she creates and sells Wall Art Printables and "Kim's Handcrafted Cards" on eBay where she creates and sells handmade greeting cards.