Keeping my Head up through the Pandemic

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I don’t write much about this whole pandemic thing and it’s for a good reason. That is, there’s so much already all over social, the internet, the news, the paper as well as tons of articles and YT videos about it. I just don’t feel that I have much more to add. It’s an unprecedented time for all of us. None of us knows what the future will hold.   

There are some things that I’ve done to help me navigate through it. One is the way I talk. The term, “the new normal” has been used a lot but I never liked it and I don’t say that. Because if that’s the case, we should have used that term back when 911 happened. Remember the terrorism that ensued afterwards?   

We are living in times that don’t look at all like when I grew up. Nevertheless, no matter what is going on with our government, the injustices in the world, the natural disasters, the pandemic, it’s important for me to keep my head up. I have to look to The Lord Jesus for comfort, for peace, for tranquility, for a sense of reason.  

I’m not trying to understand how and why we got to this place, I’m trying to stay as positive as I can. Otherwise, I’ll be miserable all the time and that won’t bring a cure or vaccine faster. There’s still life to live, obligations to meet, job to work, hubby and family and then there’s me. How do I heal from PTSD if I stay agitated and irritable? I won’t be able to be whole if I let all these things infiltrate my life.  

I’ve actually had to go back to the basics: eating right, getting enough sleep, taking breaks, praying more, journaling and even playing games like when I was little. All these add to my staying calm when I wanna run outside and scream! Whatever we have to do to get us through these times, we need to do.   

And, believe it or not, oftentimes good things come out of bad. There’s been opportunities that were created out of turmoil. I think about all the cybersecurity solutions opening up many jobs to combat malware/virus, hacking and identity theft.   Staying upset, bitter and angry gets us nowhere and it’s a waste of energy and time. It’s important to keep our heads up that the light at the end of the tunnel is just a few steps away.

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Kim McDougal

Kim is the founder and creator of Growing Up in Grace. By day, she's the Director of Interactive Communications for the Hispanic chamber located in Jax, FL. Kim also owns "Kim's Studio Art" where she creates and sells Wall Art Printables and "Kim's Handcrafted Cards" on eBay where she creates and sells handmade greeting cards.