Identifying your Colorway

Identifying your Colorway

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I think it’s really important to discover your own palette of colors. For a long time, I wasn’t sure what my favorite colorway was so mosttimes I wore black. I figured I could never go wrong with that color cause it practically goes with everything. Problem is, it stereotyped me and I didn’t like that.

Experimenting with colors can be scary, for real! I attended a color theory class once and I really loved it. The instructor broke down the cools and warms and basically we matched these color palettes to our own skin colors and into the 4 seasons so of course I would be Autumn. Although I wore black all the time, I was always drawn to golds and neutral colors like cream, tan, gray, silver, etc.

In that class, I learned that those colors actually would accentuate my skin tone and bring me out more. I’m a brown girl so when I went shopping again, I looked for golds, silvers, brown, gray and even cream colored pieces. I still like black but you know what? My experimentation led me to love pinks more.

I have an affinity to the lighter side of the color like blush, pale pink and dusty pinks. It’s very much a girly color. And my color choices extended to my craftroom too. I have accents of pink. Take a look at the array of pinks in the picture below.

Identifying your Colorway

These are shades of pinks and some gold eyeshadows. I no longer wear eyeshadows, I added this photo just to show that there are so many shades of pink and these tend to be more muted than say fushia or magenta.

I also began loving rose gold which is a mixture of gold and pink. I managed to find a white lamp at my local Fred Meyer that has a rose gold accents on it.

Identifying your Colorway
Identifying your Colorway

These two photos are great examples of accenting with rose gold and blush pinks. With neutrals palettes, breaking them up with a little color brings balance.

Another colorway that I love is seafoam, mint and teal. I have accents of this in my craftroom too. These three colors blend well together. You can see that in the photo below.

Identifying your Colorway

If you’ve not studied color theory for your own skin tone or even to decorate, I think you’ll find it interesting and even fun. When I started wearing other colors within neutrals, I not discovered how much I love warm tones but I also felt more put together with my wardrobe. It wasn’t grueling picking out what to wear.

Same thing for when I redesigned my craftroom, I had more choices within my color palette and the space is light and airy for me to work in. I’ve linked to one article on color theory if you’re interested in learning more and discovering your own skin tone color.

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