Have you Ever Tried Veggie Chips?

Have you Ever Tried Veggie Chips?

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This is a very short post today, cause I’m really looking for your input. Once I got the urge to try some veggie chips. I loved potato chips since I was a kid but I don’t eat them much anymore. However, every now and again I’d like to have a snack.

So, when I bought these, I was reading the labels on the ingredients, but I remember feeling nervous when I got home. You see, my absolute favorite chips are: Lays “Limon”, “Dill Pickle” and “BBQ” flavored.

I took a HUGE risk and it didn’t paid off, at least for me. The bag contains assorted chips so I tried them both and I didn’t like either one. I asked hubby to try them and he didn’t care for them either, we ended up throwing them away. Oh I hate when I take a gamble and it doesn’t pay off LITERALLY! And, I especially hate throwing away food.

Have you Ever Tried Veggie Chips?

Maybe they’re an acquired taste, I don’t know. I love veggies, so perhaps I need to make my own veggie chips. There’s recipes for that. Now, I did try “Simply Organic Blue Corn Tortilla Chips” and I liked them.

So, here’s where I would like to get your take. Have you ever tried veggie chips?, Do you like them?, Which brand would you recommend I try? and Do you make your own veggie chips? Please leave a comment and also if you have a recipe for veggie chips that you like, feel free to share that too!

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Kim McDougal

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