Downsizing my Office/Craftroom Table

Downsizing my Office Desk/Craftroom Table

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My desk was becoming cluttered again. I create for my two online shops in my craftroom but it’s also used for my day job. Every now and again, I get claustrophobic as things begin to pile up. It makes me feel overwhelmed.

I work on many projects in a small 10 x 10 square foot space, so keeping as much off my table is key. First, I examined the items on my table to determine if I use them everyday. If so, I organized them in a way that the desk isn’t cluttered and if not, they either go in a drawer or perhaps donated. Some items, like my laminator, moved from the table to a cart that I have in my craftroom which freed up a lot of desk space.

I invested in a few items from Amazon like: glass table tops, a pen/marker and makeup rotating organizer and finally Ikea magazine holders. I use the makeup organizer to hold my little alcohol inks, art mediums, sequins that come in jars, water spritzers and glues. It’s made from glass and sits on my glass table top. I love looking at it and how it swivels back and forth! I’ll talk about how I use the magazine holders later in this post.

I then created a walk-up station by clearing off everything that was on my dresser. I now use that area to dry artwork that I’ve colored with paints but it also functions as an extension to my craft table. I was also mindful of my color scheme when I purchased these items. So, I stuck with glass, white and marble with touches of neutral colors like seafoam, rose gold and pale pink.

As far as what I have on my craft table/desk, I only keep items that I reach for everyday and need them at arm’s reach. I use drawers under my desk to hold my cardstock papers, stamp sets and dies and office supplies. My dresser houses all my inks, card embellishments like stickers, sequins and gems as well as all my watercolor sets. On top of it I just have my old iPad, a small glass media mat and my Copic alcohol markers in a basket. It’s much more organized with most things tucked away.

Since a lot of us are working from home as well, it’s really easy to just let the desk pile up. I have some ideas that might help you keep your desk area from getting out of hand.

  1. Keep small items together. Little bowls are wonderful for those small items like paper and binder clips and you can usually find these in your local Dollar store. They usually come 3 to a pack and they look nice as well. 
  2. Organize projects in notebooks or folders. I have a 3-ring binder that I keep info in for my day job. I have it organized by specific events. The notes I have in it help me to remember how I did certain tasks. And I can add more pages to it.
  3. Remove large flowers. I love a big bouquet of flowers, but not on my desk. I had a pretty bouquet of flowers that sat on my desk and while I absolutely loved them, they were taking up too much real estate and I ended up moving them a lot. So instead, I bought a small silk lavender plant and it doesn’t take up as much space. The flowers moved to the dining room table.
  4. Take the dishes to the sink. I eat as I’m working so I have a bad habit of leaving my empty plates on my table. Then, the plates are in the way when I need the space. So now, I make a point of walking to the kitchen to put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher when I’m done eating.
  5. Use magazine holders for keeping catalogs or important papers together. I bought four Ikea magazine holders to house my cardstock papers in and I labeled each one for different types of papers so I know exactly which one to grab when I’m making cards. If you have projects that you’re working on, you can easily put them in job ticket holders and then in the magazine holder and label them for “pending projects“. Then, you can pull out the folder as needed and you have all the pieces for that particular project you’re working on.
  6. Put the tech stuff together. I keep my technology stuff in drawers and away from me as much as possible. Also, to keep those pesky cables together, I use ties so that they don’t get messy and tangled up.
  7. Utilize baskets. Baskets are wonderful for housing items and because they come in so many styles and colors, you can pick the ones that match your décor. They’re handing for holding books and other tools.
  8. Donate. If I’m not using something, it has to go. The less stuff I have around me, the better and more clearer I am. I would say, if you haven’t used something in more than six months to a year, chances are you won’t use it again.

And, as I change my work habits or get bored with my layout, I do give it a makeover but I still keep these tips in mind so that my area is clean and decluttered. It makes me want to be in my craftroom and I don’t dread coming in here to work everyday.

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Kim McDougal

Kim is the founder and creator of Growing Up in Grace. By day, she's the Director of Interactive Communications for the Hispanic chamber located in Jax, FL. Kim also owns "Kim's Studio Art" where she creates and sells Wall Art Printables and "Kim's Handcrafted Cards" on eBay where she creates and sells handmade greeting cards.