5 Quick Tips to Keep the Attitude in Check at Work

5 Quick Tips to Keep the Attitude in Check at Work

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I’m writing this post for myself today but hopefully it’ll help you too if you struggle with this as I do. First off, I do believe there are ways to stay positive while working whether you’re in a home office or if you’re at your workplace building.

I am blessed to work from home, however that said I struggle with working with some of my co-workers and even the head of our team. It’s not that they are bad people, not at all. It’s the amount of work as well as all the fine details for handling this account that’s wearing me out. I find my patience is dwindling down quickly and I have to catch myself from wanting to quit altogether. I need this job right now.

You might also work for a living and right now you can’t retire. Or maybe you’re starting up a business but it’s not making enough $$ for you to quit your full-time job yet. Maybe your work ethic is the opposite of your supervisor or co-workers. Perhaps it’s difficult to implement changes that could help improve productivity in your department. I get where you are!

No matter what your work situation is right now, it is important to keep yourself from getting down and staying down. Your attitude is so key to how you go about your work day.

Today, I’m sharing 5 tips to help all of us keep a more positive attitude at work:

  1. Keep a planner or to do list. I keep a weekly work planner on my desk and each Sunday night, I jot down upcoming meetings, projects or tasks for the upcoming week. This helps me stay organized and top of any deadlines. If something doesn’t get done that day, I just move over to the next day and I check off all the completed tasks. At the end of that week, I tear out and throw that week’s page away. This is the work planner I use from Amazon (no affiliate link attached to this). It is very affordable and I love it! If you prefer to go digital, you can use Google calendar as it has a tasks feature as well, plus you can use it send you alerts.
  2. Take breaks. Getting away from the environment is a great help to calming down your emotions especially if you’re having a rough day. If you’re working from your home, try going outside and sit on your porch for awhile. Perhaps you can even bring your laptop or tablet and work outside for a few hours rather than your designated space. I find being around nature really helps stabilize my attitude.
  3. Keep good working relationships with your team. We all have to work with others no matter what type of work we do and it’s really important to get along together. We all have our good and bad points. I would suggest trying to focus on the person’s good points most. For the bad or not-so-good points, take a moment to figure out what it is that you don’t like. It might be something that you can turn into a positive.

    For example, I like structure in my work and getting things done as soon as possible, however I work in an environment where our team leader does more thinking so to get the information I need, we have to have several conversations which frustrates and at times irritates me. To combat that, I tell myself to breathe first! LOL, Then, I send one email with everything I need in bullet points. This helps her respond to each bullet point providing me what I need to proceed with the project.

    You can set some goals for yourself or standard procedures in cases where maybe there’s a more efficient way to perform a task, however hard to persuade members of your team to embrace your recommendation(s). I’ve done this just about on every job I’ve had. I create my own “Bible” where I record instructions and procedures on completing tasks. Everyone has their own way of how they perform their jobs, so having your own book detailing how you go about your position will serve you well and help keep your stress level in tact.
  1. Count to 10 and smile. There are those times where you have to stop, smile and then move on!
  2. Pray to Jesus for help. I’m not putting this last because it’s not important, in fact, it’s MOST IMPORTANT! You may be having an incredibly difficult day and you need help. God is always there and always ready to calm your nerves, change your attitude and help you stay calm. I also love to read from the Book of Psalms when I need encouragement.

The last thing to remember is to be grateful for having a job. Times are very tough for many people so if your job takes care of your bills, you are blessed.

If you have plans to go into business for yourself, my strong advice is to ensure you consistently have the income you need to replace your job before you decide to quit. Same advice goes if you plan to retire soon.

But in the meantime, there will be days that will test your attitude, patience and emotions. Taking these small tips can really help you conquer the day and end it on a good note.

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Kim McDougal

Kim is the founder and creator of Growing Up in Grace. By day, she's the Director of Interactive Communications for the Hispanic chamber located in Jax, FL. Kim also owns "Kim's Studio Art" where she creates and sells Wall Art Printables and "Kim's Handcrafted Cards" on eBay where she creates and sells handmade greeting cards.